Friday, November 20, 2009

The Origin of Fluffy.

Aggron was modeled after the ol'zilla type of monster. He is offten at the head of my party. I bread and trained him to give almost as much of a beating as he can take. While he isnt very fast, he is very good at being a tank.

So Ive been asked recently, why I named my Aggron, this ungodly behemoth of Godzilla eara likeness Fluffy.

To put it simply: I like to fuck with people.
Think about it.
Imagen I tossed out a pokeball and called out Fluffy.
And while you start to laugh, godzilla's little brother here materializes.

I believe the correct term is: When you see it, you shit bricks.

So, how do I work this thing?

Alright, first time Ive ever done this so bare with me.

First things first, names Nick, and if your here, odds are your form the PC forums. Its your fault Im doing this.

Yes. You.

Im an old hand at pokemon. A very old hand. I was playing with pokemon crap about 2 years before they sent the little rabid monsters to the states.

Last May I picked up a DSL and Platinum to play with a few firends over the net. And when I started reading up on the online play, i found there was a hole metagame for pokemon over the wifi.

Thats right, I said Metagame in relation to Pokemon. Whats the world come to right?

So I started reading... And reading... And Reading.

Some years back I started work on a pokemon fan game, I still work on the sprites and tile sets from tiem to time, but the last time I realy made any progress on it, my hard drive died. It was based on a regen I started inventing back after G/S came out. The Vega Ruins was one such local in my little reign.

When I started working on the game, I found a site called The PokeCommunity Forums. Lurked for afew weeks, then signed up. That was back in 'o7. Good place, nice people.

Well, bout a mounth ago I went back and started reading, and posting abit. I tend to lurk for the most part. But Ive goten back into spriting (Blame some friends of mine) and want to try playing online more. So, aside from that, this will give me a place to post things, thoughts, and ideas.

I mite try to work up a few guides. 4th gen mechanics are abit of a pain in the ass. Mite help to share what my lack of a life helps me read up on.

Thats it for now I guess. Im tossing this thing into the link on my profile on PC.