Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Knights of Freedom

So PC has Leagues and Teams, wich are like Leagues, but focused more around the idea of the old Team Rocket style of organization. And I got recruited into one. Im now the Psychic/Ghost leader at Knight rank. Youve got to go through us to get to the boss's. So were basically the gym leaders, and their the elites.

Odds are I'll have more to post about from now on, considering my trainings (Had to bump the Ghost up to the top of the list for this) nearly done.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Training the horde...

So Ive got a good deal of what Ive had slated for use trained. Almost 3 boxes full. And I still have about 2 more to finish. All the ones Im 'interested in' are finished for the most part. The rest are just there for utility. And the next batch will be as well. Im training up pokemon I lothe and dont fit my style so I can run mono-teams and the like.

Yes folks, that means a mob of pokemon Will be named after Megaman villains.

Im going to make this AR explode soon. Or the R and L keys on the DS will fall off. EV training is so much faster when you can run into what you Want to run into.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Long month, will start posting more soon. Currently finishing my base roster and then moving on to mono-teams.

Good god, mono-teams...

Im very picky about what I use. Going to have to train up a mob of things based on practicality rather than my liking them...

Which means Its time to breed me some megaman villains.